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Installing Ikea Cabinets

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Over the last four years I've found myself installing a lot (as in hundreds) of IKEA kitchens. Before working with them so much, I must say, I didn't have a very high opinion of them. IKEA seems to have gotten a bad reputation, especially among contractors, for making cheap, flimsy cabinets, but I've come to

Kids Beds Ikea

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If there is a single factor I keep in mind about my bedroom growing up, it's the bed I slept in every and every evening. I had a single bed, naturally, having a foam rubber mattress. But underneath was a large drawer that pulled out and featured yet another, equally uncomfortable mattress. However it was

Reading Chair Ikea

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Do you love butterfly chair covers? I do because they are very stylish but also very affordable. This is the one furniture that I can buy as much of and not get broke. It is also very comfortable and has actually become my favorite place when I am reading books before going to bed. Below