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48 Inch Double Vanity

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If your bathroom vanity is too small, there are other sizes in vanities for your bathroom. When you have a small vanity, it is not as useful as one that if a larger size such as a 48 inch bathroom vanity. This size vanity is available in different styles. Some 48 inch bathroom vanities have

36 Inch Bathroom Vanity With Top

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Bathroom design seems easy enough at first. There are some major considerations to take into account, especially if you are doing a makeover for an old house. Evaluate and study the amount of space you are working with. There may be serious layout problems to resolve.First, many older homes have only a bath, and you

Contemporary Bathroom Vanities

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A contemporary bathroom needs a contemporary vanity. Those, which are marked antique, are good, but they are not suitable for today's bathrooms. With their heavy and ornate designs, they may look too cumbersome to go with modern bathroom fixtures. Therefore, buy contemporary bathroom vanities for contemporary bathrooms. It is as safe as it can be.

American Standard Vanity Tops

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American Standard faucets offer a wide range of faucets that can fit perfectly with you bathroom and kitchen decor. From their famous Berwick Faucet Collection to their well-known repair parts online system, they are a pleasure to do business with. This classic collection has a sleek and streaming design to bring that renewed appearance to

Refinishing Bathroom Vanity

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Vanities often serve as centerpieces for bathrooms. They also receive a lot of damage from use and cleaning. Refinishing a vanity removes the signs of wear, leaving the vanity looking new. It is also a quick way to update the bathroom. These steps on how to refinish a bathroom vanity are guaranteed to have the

60 Bathroom Vanity Single Sink

When you are making a new bathroom of your home or are just renovating it, then the main problem that you face is about how you would coordinate the décor of your bathroom with the new accessories. You have to choose that whether you want to change your old sink with new double sink bathroom